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ACT Mobile Messenger - Pro Purchase

v21 compatible

Send SMS Text messages directly from Act! to Anyone/Anytime/Anywhere!

Quick Messaging Solution for all Act! Users

With just a few clicks, ACT Mobile Messenger sends SMS Text Messages directly from Act! to anyone/anytime/anywhere. Using an internet connection you can send messages through a choice of SMS Gateway providers who then distribute your messages to all points of the compass.

Text messages are perfect for:

  • Getting messages out to your staff, customers or suppliers instantly.
  • Activating response which is more immediate than email communications.
  • Confirm attendance to events and increase audience numbers.
  • Close sales and auctions, confirming sale prices and bids.
  • Alerts for security or IT companies providing 24/7 service.
  • Emergency alerts across regions on a grand scale.
  • Negotiating contracts – everything is recorded and is legally accepted.
  • Guarantee your message was sent -- recording date & time in Act!.
  • Deliver messages to Countries all over the world (50 Currently).
  • Scheduling follow-up activities and reminders when you don’t have PC access.
  • Cycling reminders until someone takes action.
  • Chasing late payments or sending reminders when due.
  • Notifications, Special Offers, Promotional Sales, Competitions.
  • Announcements, Warnings, Security Codes, Software License keys.

As people become more and more time-poor and email inboxes become full to overflowing, people are using instant messaging to cut through the clutter and find ways to get the message through. The beauty with SMS is the simplicity and speed in which a dialog can commence and be completed, and unlike chat, it does not rely on smart phone technology, which means it services more devices and can reach a global audience instantly.

Key Features


Quick SMS (Text Message)

  • Send a quick SMS Text Message to a Contact not in Act!
  • Record Date/Time & Message Detail in MyRecord Contact History

Contact SMS (Text Message)

  • Send a SMS Text Message to a Contact already in Act!
  • Record Date/Time & Message Detail in Contact History

Group SMS (Text Message)

  • Send a SMS Text Message to a Group
  • Select Contacts you wish to include/exclude as message recipients
  • Record Date/Time & Message Detail against each Contact History

SMS Scheduling

  • Send SMS Text Messages in bulk (Job) to Current Lookup based on a Schedule
  • Send SMS Text Messages in bulk (Job) to a Group based on a Schedule
  • Select Contacts you wish to include/exclude as message recipients
  • Send SMS Text Message Job based on Job Status (Automatic, Manual, Scheduled)

SMS Management

  • Manage SMS Text Message Jobs via a SMS Job Management Queue
  • Retain SMS Text Message Jobs for later use and Re-Submission or Re-Scheduling
  • Pause & Release control for SMS Job Management Queue

SMS Reply Service & Opt-Out

  • Redirect SMS Replies to specific numbers or email addresses
  • Effectively manage SMS preferences to people who do not wish to receive SMS


Supported Technology

ACT Mobile Messenger is guaranteed to get your message there, regardless of the technology at the other end, as it supports a wide range of mobile devices.

SMS Gateway Providers (Currently):

ACT Mobile Messenger is an open product supporting SMS Messaging gateways around the world. We have a choice of providers and are looking to build more… choose your own or bring your own devices or SMS gateways.

To use ACT Mobile Messenger, you need a 'Gateway Provider', a carrier that sends the messages over the internet. There are many to choose from listed below. Our suggested provider is Bulletin.Net. They charge just .02 cents a message, and we've found their service extremely fast & reliable. FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE.


  • LITE version allows sending only one message at a time.
  • PRO version is full featured and allows sending messages to groups, or your entire database.



USD99.00USD $99.00 each
3.75 5 32 Product
Pro v Lite


Act v7 or Newer
Act! for Windows

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