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The brand new Automator4act  2.0 performs calculations, mail merges, creates notes or histories, and a whole lot more!

Think of it as Macros for your Act! database. Automator4act is designed to make repetitive tasks simple, quick, and error-free.

  • Specify Buttons for a particular task
  • Perform multiple tasks with a single button
  • Make tasks conditional with if/then statements
  • Reference fields in the database within your actions
  • Create lookups using data from the current contact
  • Mail Merge HTML documents
  • Perform complex mathematical equations

A common button created is the “New Contact” button. After putting the vital info that cannot be automated such as Contact name, phone number, email address, etc. A push of this button will create a history regarding the creation of the contact, creates a company, set field data like ID/status and record manager or sales rep, creates activities for follow-ups, and does an email merge welcome email. 

Setup Assistance for Add-ons:
  • Setup assistance can be purchased with this product, and this option includes the initial installation, activation, and basic configurations of the program
  • Setup assistance does NOT include customization or personalization of the program, nor does it include training in its use.
  • Keystroke is NOT responsible for updating your computer to prepare it for the installation of this software, as proper computer & Windows maintenance is the customer's sole responsibility.
  • The customer must be ready with all account, licensing, and other details required for activation and setup
  • Service may not exceed 45-minutes and "setup assistance" does not imply ongoing warranty assistance with this product.
  • Setup Assistance can only be purchased with the product. If you need it afterward, the minimum support plan available is VIP Lite for $85 USD.


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