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MailManager4Act! is a one-stop mail management solution that includes four programs in one, that are all integrated together to provide complete "client-side" email management. And each of these applications have been improved in the new MailManager4Act!, the key ingredients are as follows:

Opt-In Manager

  • Send Optin Emails to Contacts and update the Contact permissions in the database with 1 click.
  • Lookup Contacts in the database based on email list
  • Lookup Contacts in the database based on bounced email messages stored in an IMAP folder
  • Manage webforms allowing Contacts to enter their information and then download this information to the Act database. If a match is found, the Contacts will be updated. Optionally, new Contacts can be created if a match is not found.
  • Add footer at bottom of email merges with automatic unsubscribe link
  • Excluded from MailManager4act Lite Edition


  • Create/Edit Templates in Rich Text Editor
  • Convert Native Act Templates using Template Converter
  • Merge To Word
  • Merge To Email
  • Send Email From Stationery
  • Schedule Email blasts

 Knowtifier Lite

  • Automatic emails to Contacts based on date field triggers.
  • Never forget a birthday, anniversary, or other type of annual event again.
  • Automate sales processes by firing off opportunity fields like actual and estimated close dates.
  • Does support upgrade to full Knowtifier Subscription for only an additional $150/year (50% discount)


  • The most popular Act addon of all time with over 3000 copies sold
  • Dramatically enhances the Act!-Outlook integration with superior History recording, Contact lookups
  • Allows you to send one or more contacts or activities from Outlook to Act! in a single right-click "Send-to-Act!" command
  • Send Reminders to Act! as To Do's under My Contact
  • Allows email History attaching to Contacts, Companies, Groups, or Opportunities
  • One license included with each MailManager or MailManager Lite subscription. Act4outlook subscription is coterminous with MailManager


- If you subscribe to MailManager4Act! with "Setup Assistance", you will renew at the normal rate of $240.


Setup Assistance for Add-ons:
  • Setup assistance can be purchased with this product, and this option includes the initial installation, activation, and basic configurations of the program
  • Setup assistance does NOT include customization or personalization of the program, nor does it include training in its use.
  • Keystroke is NOT responsible for updating your computer to prepare it for the installation of this software, as proper computer & Windows maintenance is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Customer must be ready with all account, licensing, and other details required for activation and setup
  • Service may not exceed 1 hour and "setup assistance" does not imply ongoing warranty assistance with this product.
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Act v18, Act v19, Act v20, Act v21, Act v22
Act! for Windows

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